Tuesday, October 03, 2017

VEGA shine brightly on UK headline tour - live review and exclusive vid interview - 29/9/17

Recently I was lucky enough to go and see VEGA (one of my all time favourite bands), on their UK headline tour. As always they were phenomenal! When a group of highly talented musicians perform outstanding material with infectious energy, you know you are in for a brilliant night!

VEGA were ably supported by hard rockers Gin Annie, who did a great job in warming up the crowd at the start of the night. Check out their debut EP, New Bad Habit.
Check out my exclusive backstage chat with Nick and new drummer, Hutch as they talk demos gigs and breadsticks!

VEGA marched on to the stage to open their mindblowing 90 minute set with the crowd-pleasing Hands In The Air. The boys went on to perform many favourites including White Flag, Savin Grace, Wherever We Are, Kiss Of Life (and so many more!), as well as including some songs which haven't featured in the set for a while and some they have never played live before. The crowd were treated to the track, Cos Its You (taken from the exclusive demos CD), as well as Ignite and Ballad Of The Broken Hearted, which included some of the best vocal harmonies I think I have ever heard live - a real treat for the ears!
VEGA in action!
The guys performed the show with their signature energy and enthusiasm which generated much excitement among the crowd and created a fabulous atmosphere. The audience watched in awe as lead vocalist Nick Workman effortlessly soared to the high notes which were a perfect match for those recorded in the studio - something many singers struggle to execute so well live. 

New drummer, Hutch slotted in brilliantly and did a fabulous job on this, his debut tour with VEGA, I can't wait to see more of him! Guitar partners, Mykey Kew and Marcus Thurston worked their usual magic creating wonderfully melodic riffs and solos, whilst James Martin added some glorious keyboard sounds alongside his twin brother Tom's rocking bass - a class act.
The show passed in the blink of an eye (the sign of a great band and outstanding material!) as the guys entertained with brilliant track after track - it really is all killer, no filler with VEGA. Both crowd and band seemed to be having a blast the whole night which was great to see.
It was a pleasure to spend some time with the guys backstage before the show!
I was lucky enough to spend some time with the guys pre-show backstage which was a real treat, and experienced possibly the best VEGA show I have seen so far. These guys should be filling stadiums with the quality of songs and musicianship which the band has, so please go out and support them! The band have a slot at the Rockingham festival this month (20th-22rd Oct) and are then holding the first ever VEGA christmas party on 9th Dec in Wolverhampton (tickets are selling fast so don't hang around in grabbing yours!)
You can catch the boys at Rockingham - it's a fab line-up!

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